Leading ADA Attorney Relies on Law360 to “Stay on Cutting-Edge” of Breaking News in Labor & Employment Law

With a commitment to making the ADA/Rehabilitation Act and related laws more understandable so that compliance is maximized, William D. Goren – a leading authority on the matter – selected Law360 to stay on top of breaking news developments in the area of disability rights, maintain expertise and share his knowledge through his popular blog, Understanding the ADA.

The Story

William D. Goren is one of the nation's leading authorities on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. He has been advising clients and educating the public on ADA compliance since 1990 as an attorney, professor, author and industry thought leader.

He is engaged by clients as outside counsel on various matters pertaining to the rights of persons with disabilities, as a consultant to advise on ADA compliance requirements, a trainer on ADA and ADA related matters, and as an expert witness called upon to testify about the ADA, Rehabilitation Act, and related issues. This diverse portfolio of engagements requires him to stay on top of the latest legal developments in his areas of practice, particularly when it comes to the development of content for his popular Understanding the ADA blog, which is a key driver of business development.

Mr. Goren was first introduced to Law360 in 2017 while doing research for his popular blog, Understanding the ADA. To read the full article, he started a free Law360 trial and was immediately struck with a recognition that this news service was the exact information resource he needed to stay on top of breaking news developments in the area of disability rights.

"As soon as I started the free trial I immediately realized Law360 could be a game-changer for me by helping me stay on top of all the breaking news in the field of the rights of persons with disabilities." 

Mr. Goren's initial thoughts were related to improving the quality of his blog by increasing the probability of staying on the cutting edge of disability rights. As predicted, he quickly realized that Law360 was a real secret weapon for staying informed and helping him identify timely and relevant content ideas for his blog. He sees no reason why the same would not be true for someone doing podcasting. 

The Solution

Mr. Goren decided to subscribe to Law360 and has since made its news feeds a critical part of his daily workflow. Law360 helps him identify cutting-edge content ideas for clients and maintain his credentials as an industry thought leader.

"I am very impressed by the journalists at Law360. Their coverage of labor and employment law, the ADA and other related issues is excellent and keeps me on the leading edge of what's happening in these areas of practice."

Law360 is a daily must-read for legal news and analysis, providing up-to-the-minute coverage on the issues that affect attorneys, business leaders and regulators across 60+ practice areas, topics and jurisdictions. The content is produced by a dedicated editorial staff of more than 300 news assistants, reporters and editors working around the U.S. and U.K. These journalists publish roughly 200 articles every single business day, including breaking news, in-depth analysis and third-party expert analysis.

Mr. Goren is joined by a community of more than 2 million readers each day, making Law360 the most-preferred, most-used news source for legal professionals, business leaders and government officials in the U.S1

1. According to the ABA Profile of the Legal Profession Report, October 2021.

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"Daily access to Law360 has taken my blog to a whole new level by providing me with insights into developments in the rights of persons with disabilities that I'm able to work from in creating my own timely content. This has fueled the growth of my blog, which is my favorite part of my practice and is also the primary driver of business development for my legal and consulting practices." 

For Mr. Goren, Law360 offers more than 'just news:'


Business Development

Mr. Goren's blog generates anywhere from 50% to 70% of his new clients in a given year. He estimates that 40% of his blog entries deal with understanding the rights of persons with disabilities in employment, 25% of his blog entries deal with understanding the rights of persons with disabilities when accessing non federal governmental entities, 25% of his blog entries deal with understanding the rights of persons with disabilities when accessing places of public accommodation, and 10% of his blog entries deal with assorted other areas, such as constitutional law, Fair Housing Act, and the Air Carrier Access Act to name a few. Law360 covers all of these areas. 

"Of course, if you are blogging for the main purpose of getting new clients, you are barking up the wrong tree," he points out. "The reason to blog is to educate others but obtaining new clients in the process is a welcome bonus."

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Ease of Obtaining Court Documents

Mr. Goren frequently uses Law360 as a vehicle for surfacing important court documents related to cases discussed in news articles, most often at no additional cost, including the original complaints and the particular procedural/appellate status of the case. He prefers this avenue as an alternative to the time and expense required to retrieve that same material on the Public Access to Electronic Records (PACER) system.

"This additional functionality of pulling court documents is a huge bonus for me as a user," said Mr. Goren. "Law360 makes it easy to quickly view the underlying materials, most often at no additional cost to subscribers." 

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Media Relations

"The common thread that ties together my various professional roles attorney, trainer, consultant, expert witness, consulting expert, consultant on litigation, and author is that I need to maintain a visible presence as an industry thought leader," said Mr. Goren. "My Law360 subscription also allows me to follow some of the top legal journalists in my areas of practice and engage with them when appropriate so that I stay top of mind as someone who can be called upon for an expert comment on important developments in the field." 

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Enriched Legal Practice

Mr. Goren's private law practice and compliance consulting practice require him to stay on top of breaking developments. He relies on Law360's daily news and expert analysis reports to give him the latest information he needs to know in the areas of disability rights.  "Law360 is a critical piece of my practice," concluded Mr. Goren. "It helps me keep my blog on the cutting-edge of the rights of persons with disabilities and empowers me stay on top of the latest developments with respect to the rights of persons with disabilities." 

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