Delaware Litigator Turns to Law360 Daily for Legal News “You Just Can’t Get Anywhere Else”

When you have mediated hundreds of commercial disputes, regularly serve as an arbitrator, and act as counsel in complex litigation matters, you need a news source that’s fast and robust enough to stay on the leading edge of all important developments in law without sacrifice.

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The Story

The Bifferato Firm is led by Connor Bifferato, who has three decades of commercial litigation experience, including commercial bankruptcy litigation, secured lender disputes, general corporate litigation, creditors’ rights issues and appellate resolution. Mr. Bifferato has mediated hundreds of commercial disputes, frequently serves as an arbitrator, has experience as lead counsel in complex litigation, and regularly teams with out-of-state law firms who need access to Delaware’s courts for national and international corporate litigation.

Maintaining this diverse combination of legal practices means it is essential he stay on the leading edge of any developments in the Delaware courts, particularly any breaking news pertaining to commercial bankruptcy case law.

“I started receiving emails from Law360 several years ago, with information about new court filings and other legal developments that were very on-point to my areas of practice,” said Mr. Bifferato.

“This was extremely useful information that I wasn’t seeing from other news sources, and I was especially impressed by the convenient access that Law360 provided for me to review the underlying case materials in a matter.”

Mr. Bifferato signed up for a free trial of Law360 and began receiving daily newsletters for Law360 Delaware, Bankruptcy and Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice. He quickly made the decision to subscribe to Law360, knowing that having daily access to its high-quality content would be key to his firm’s success.

The Solution

Law360 is a daily must-read for legal news and analysis, providing up-to-the-minute coverage on the issues that affect attorneys, business leaders and regulators. The content is produced by a dedicated editorial staff of more than 300 news assistants, reporters and editors working around the U.S. and U.K. These award-winning journalists publish roughly 200 articles every single business day, including breaking news, in-depth analysis and third-party expert analysis.

“There are two ways that I use Law360 on a day-to-day basis,” said Mr. Bifferato. “First, I receive a daily email in my inbox every morning for each of the three newsletters to which I subscribe, which I review right away for any legal developments that might be relevant to my practice or of interest to my clients. Second, I receive instant news alerts throughout the day anytime there is a breaking story in one of the jurisdictions that I monitor, which allows me to often be the first person to inform a client or co-counsel firm of an important news event that has just happened.”

In addition to breaking news and analysis, Law360 articles also provide access to relevant case information, source documents and related articles. This underlying and supplemental content can be downloaded instantly for immediate reference and assessment.

"Law360 makes it very easy to quickly view the underlying filings and other materials in a specific case they cover,” said Mr. Bifferato. “It saves me a tremendous amount of time and expense, as opposed to having to leave the Law360 site and go chase down those documents from a second source."

Mr. Bifferato is joined by a community of more than 2 million Law360 readers each day, making Law360 the most-preferred, most-used news source for legal professionals, business leaders and government officials in the U.S.


“Law360 keeps me current on important changes in the law and new court decisions that I would otherwise have not known about until much later,” concluded Mr. Bifferato. “Their reports are delivered to me on a real-time basis and there is just no substitute for that kind of timely, reliable, accurate content. Law360 provides legal news and information you just can’t get anywhere else."

The firm points to five specific benefits it has realized from a Law360 subscription:

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Co-Counsel Engagements

“As a respected Delaware law firm, we are often asked to associate with out-of-state law firms that need to associate with co-counsel here, in order to access the Delaware courts,” said Mr. Bifferato. “Law360 content helps me stay on top of the latest legal news in Delaware, which I then promptly share with co-counsel. This serves as a reminder to these firms that I’m here, that I’m on top of this particular issue and on Delaware legal matters, and keeps me top of mind for future engagements.”

Client Outreach

Mr. Bifferato relies on Law360’s news alerts to tip him off about breaking news stories that might potentially impact the firm’s clients. He can then quickly surface any relevant court documents or filed complaints so that he is prepared to communicate directly with those clients from a well-informed perspective.

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Mediation Prep

“I also have an active mediation practice in which I frequently serve as a Neutral in resolving commercial disputes,” said Mr. Bifferato. “Law360 reports on changes in the law that can have a major impact on cases that I’m mediating. My subscription allows me to stay apprised of these late-breaking developments, sometimes even before the litigants in the case are aware of them, and to obtain insights that make me a better mediator.”

Litigation Strategy

“Law360 is a huge help in my litigation practice because it helps me obtain valuable information that can shape my approach to trying a case,” said Mr. Bifferato. “For example, I was recently representing a client in a corporate governance matter when I became aware of a change in Delaware law that had a significant impact on the case. I received this news from Law360 and Law360 alone; it simply would have never been covered by the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times.”

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Business Development

The Bifferato Firm leverages content from Law360 to identify opportunities for possible new engagements within its primary areas of practice. Mr. Bifferato’s team will share articles or expert analysis columns with existing clients and previous co-counsel firms to make sure they know The Bifferato Firm is on top of all developments in Delaware law.

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